Specialized groupage shipping with ME-Transportservice within the Netherlands

Take advantage of Quicargo's ease of ordering online pallets and combine it with ME-Transportservice's high quality standards for pallet shipping in the Netherlands.

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ME-Transport partner carrier of Quicargo

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Supported services and extra options by ME-Transportservice.

When shipping with Quicargo you get matched with ME-Transportservice for many different shipping services. Explore their different specialities below:

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Me-Transport and the strength of using multiple carriers

Combine the strength of carriers with each their own specialities

Use Quicargo to get matched with the most appropriate carrier for your goods.

National and International shipments, pallets and (oversized) parcels, mounted forklift, B2C...

With Quicargo, you get access to all.
• All our carriers are AVC/CMR insured

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