Micodo benefits from real-time requests for transport with Quicargo

> 100k gross revenue with Quicargo in 2020

> 1900 transport orders with successful delivery in 2020

99,4% average success rate in 2020

About Micodo

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Micodo is a family business in which the third generation is now well and truly represented. More than 40 years ago Henk van Ophuizen started this transport company. The focus at that time was “delivering added value to existing transport”. This could be before, during or after transport. Why was this the focus in the past? Has this changed now?

Meanwhile, the company is active in several market segments. Think of various Value Adding Logistics (VAL) activities for important customers such as CCV, Heineken, Amstel, Brand, Kraft Heinz, BASF, Bar Le duc, VGZ, NS, Parfumerie Douglas and many others. In addition to transport with added value, Micodo has in recent years increasingly been taking care of break bulk cargo and pallet shipments for regular customers, as well as for third parties such as Quicargo.

The transport company also tries to implement the excellent service, for which the Micodo brand stands for, in pallet transport as much as possible; where time deliveries, urgent shipments and next-day deliveries are fitted into the existing activities of Micodo.

Besides the transport movements, the Dutch company has a modern warehouse of 10,000 m2 at its disposal which is equipped for the storage of pallets. Apart from that, the facility is also used for carrying out VAL activities such as the repackaging, packaging and repairing of goods. Furthermore, there is a professional car wash for rinsing activities that is equipped for the logistics of events. In this way Micodo, as a logistics service provider, tries to solve all logistical problems for their customers.

The fact that the company promotes an excellent service is proven by the figures of Quicargo. In 2020, the transport company has had an average success rate of 99.4%. This means that the shipments that Micodo picks up via Quicargo hardly experience any logistical problems.

Why Micodo has joined Quicargo

The optimization of the load factor of the vehicles

Since 2017, Micodo has been actively looking for innovative solutions to optimize the load factor of their trucks. After a few good conversations and a number of test shipments, the transport company decided to enter into a partnership with Quicargo in May 2019.

Micodo was not able to independently create a nationwide solution for transport shipments from its own customer network. The logistics service provider still had room to expand its current fleet of trucks, while in the meantime increasing the planning efficiency of this fleet. The usual offers from the Quicargo platform fit perfectly within their service.

This is also evident from the figures. Micodo has already successfully delivered more than 1900 orders in 2020, most of which are within the Netherlands. Additionally, the company has deployed its trucks for around 100 different shippers from Quicargo.

“You are capable of greater things when you work together. The communication between Micodo and Quicargo runs very smoothly and transparently.”

Noud Vink
Project Manager, Micodo

Real-time requests

Quicargo provides fast and “real-time” insights into what the market still needs in terms of transport. As a result, Micodo can look for immediate added volume to their already existing journeys, which are usually planned well in advance.

Micodo is therefore able to reduce empty kilometers and use vehicles more efficiently. The customer base of Micodo requires flexible deployment, allowing the transport company to regularly handle extra capacity from a third-party such as Quicargo.

More than 50% of the orders that Micodo picks up are 0.40 loading meters, which equals 1 euro pallet. The small shipments – often from SME companies via Quicargo, are seemingly ideal for Micodo to reduce transport costs.

Transparent and intuitive platform

Micodo indicates that the digital platform of Quicargo is certainly user-friendly. All the information is easy to find and the data about the routes is clearly stated. A big advantage is that as a carrier you can immediately see what a route will yield. The transparent and clear online portal of Quicargo helps to cleverly plan the journeys of your fleet.

In the beginning, Micodo was still under the impression that the cooperation would not be profitable. Yet, because the digital platform of Quicargo makes it easy for them to pick up shipments from addresses that are located in the area where they are already driving, these shipments certainly contribute to extra turnover. Exactly what Quicargo is made for: using carriers efficiently within their own transport area and specialism.


Industry: logistics, transport & warehousing

Headquarters: Nijmegen, Gelderland – The Netherlands

Partner since: May, 2019

Create less empty kilometers, join Quicargo!

Use the online platform of Quicargo to make your trucks drive more efficiently. Benefit from extra pallets on the routes where you are already driving anyway!

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