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Kombucha, Matcha, Chia seeds, you name it - more and more people are hopping on international food trends that are not only super hip but also healthy. But oftentimes they are not that easy to find. Where get them from then? JetDrinks got you!

JetDrinks brings innovative food and beverage products from all over the world to the Netherlands. Think of brands such as Bundaberg, Naturfrisk, Olly’s Pretzels, Nix & Kix and many more.
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Sustainable food and drinks with more than 20 years experience

JetDrinks has already been active in the sustainable food market since 2001. Their focus is on supplying all kinds of restaurants, bars, etc. with great snacks and beverages for their customers. With a great taste and knowledge based on years of experience, you can trust that only the most innovative, tasty and healthy foods and beverages are being chosen!

Carefully selected, JetDrinks’ range has grown to a large number of products paying particular attention to the following aspects:

- Organic

- Vegan

- Biodegradable packaging

- Less or no sugars

- A social contribution

The company has the great ambition to become the most important partner in the field of sustainable and innovative food products. A bold goal - we love it!


Of shipments serving the Dutch market
Different carriers used
Orders placed in the last quarter
Make sure to check out our video with JetDrinks to know more about our partnership!


We use accurate tools to measure our sustainable progress. By using Quicargo, JetDrinks helped the transport industry save:

108.20M  →  Grams of CO2

6550  →  Less empty trucks on the road

Are you a restaurant, bar, cinema etc. that wants to step up their snack game?

Whether you like extravagant and hip food or are a fan of the classics – JetDrinks got you.


Delivery in the Benelux within 24 hours - with the help of Quicargo

Another service JetDrinks offers is a delivery of your favorite snacks and drinks within 24 hours - and that’s where we come in!

JetDrinks has been working with Quicargo for more than 2,5 years:

“What we look for in a carrier is trust and that we can expand our partnership as we go. Compared to last year, we have placed 28% more orders in this first quarter.”

The company makes daily use of Quicargo. By placing all orders on our online platform before 1pm, their products get picked up the same day by one of our carriers and can be enjoyed by their customers the next day!

JetDrinks and Quicargo - what a match!

But the flexibility Quicargo offers is not the only reason why JetDrinks ships with us: sustainability is as important to them as it is to us.

“We use Quicargo mainly because it is utilizing the empty space of trucks in a sustainable way. It matches our vision.”


JetDrinks tries to be conscious about the environment in all their business operations. Which of course also includes shipping their products!
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About the company

Industry: Food & Beverages
Function: Organic and sustainable snacks and drinks
Weesp, Netherlands


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