Supply chain costs keep rising.

Be prepared for next year!

You probably have seen the emails and news articles:

  • Price changes
  • Road transport becomes more expensive
  • Transport insurance costs are increasing
  • More burdens for cargo carriers
  • 2020 will be an expensive year for logistics

Nearly all the carriers are – from what they tell us – forced to increase the prices of road transport in 2020.

Collective labour agreement

Many companies blame governments because labour laws are not changing in their favor. Some even go as far as condemning the labour unions.

What we barely see? Companies that are looking for solutions.

Use of new technology

Luckily, more and more carriers understand the need for change. Mainly the younger generation in the industry is looking towards new technologies to improve the efficiency of supply chains.

People handling logistics are increasingly looking to partner up with 3PL and 4PL companies. Nonetheless, many ‘logistics experts’ hold on to traditional methods and this leads to the bankruptcy of numerous companies. 

The transport and logistics industry repeatedly ignores innovations. It’s time for a change.

The future

There is still hope. Let the prices of transport keep rising. People and companies often only look towards rigorous changes when they feel financial pressure.

It’s nearly not imaginable in most industries; in the logistics sector, most of the work is still done with paperwork.

Documents, bills, sheets, certificates… We would nearly forget that we live in a digital world nowadays.

A way out

Companies have no backbone. They are afraid to lose business. Instead of choosing for digitalisation, they opt for old-school and traditional methods of work.

Maybe it would be an idea to finally go against what everyone else is doing. Embrace innovation, embrace technology.

Quicargo offers you the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your supply chain, to reduce its’ costs and to diminish your ecological footprint.

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