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Roti Rotatiedruk is one of our very unique customers: the company is the only printing company in the Netherlands where newspapers are printed on a waterless printing press (KBA Cortina).

Why print waterless?

By printing your newspaper or magazine waterless, you choose the highest quality and the most environmentally friendly way to do so. So whether you do that on a regular basis, only from time to time, as a media agency or on behalf of a customer - Rodi Rotatiedruk is the right partner for you!

What exactly is waterless printing, you ask?

We looked it up for you.

“Waterless printing is an offset lithographic printing process that eliminates the water or dampening system used in conventional printing. Waterless presses use a special silicone rubber coated printing plate, special ink, and typically a means of temperature control on press.” [1]

So why use waterless instead of regular printing? The answer is easy – it’s a win-win!

Combine quality with eco-friendliness and sustainability for your prints.



The pioneers of print

The first printing press with which Rodi Rotatiedruk started printing their own newspaper was purchased in 1988, running at full speed from then on.

It is and remains an impressive printing press: Rodi Rotatiedruk was the first company in the world to print waterless.

“Not only are we at the top in terms of production process, but also in terms of quality and sustainability we hold the number one position in the Netherlands.”

– Dick Ranzjin jr., technical director



Different carriers used
Of shipments serving the Dutch market
Orders placed in their first year shipping with us. Off to a strong start!
Combining years of experience with a unique way of printing gives Rodi Rotatiedruk’s customers endless printing possibilities. If you are looking for exclusive, unique and creative printing results that is also the best choice for the environment, you are in good hands:

“The sustainability ambition is visible everywhere at Rodi Rotation Pressure. We are already taking many measures to be a CO2 neutral company. Taking responsibility consists of choices and responding to wishes from the market, society and the chain.”

Rodi Rotatiedruk’s guaranteed services:

- Environmentally aware and waterless pressures

- Unprecedented print quality

-First rotational printing company in the world

-Exclusive, unique and creative print products

-Advice and guidance from experienced print consultants

Rodi Rotatiedruk and Quicargo - striving for excellence together

Make sure to check out our video with Rodi Rotatiedruk to know more about our partnership!


We use accurate tools to measure our sustainable progress. By using Quicargo, Rodi Rotatiedruk helped the transport industry save:

61.03M  →  Grams of CO2

2490  →  Less empty trucks on the road


Why Rodi Rotatiedruk uses Quicargo on a regular basis

The company produces between 4 to 7 million newspapers a week - and needs the right transport partner to distribute these all over the Netherlands.

“I think the innovation that Quicargo brings hasn’t reached everyone yet. Quicargo is our go-to transport company. On their platform we can fill out how much transport volume we have, when it needs to be picked up and when it has to be delivered.”


Quicargo’s competitive advantage - our innovative platform

Shipping has never been more convenient: simply type in your pickup and delivery address, and what type of pallet or parcel you want to ship and get your rate immediately!

Leave the rest to us - we will then match your order with one of our trusted partner carriers operating in your area and make sure your delivery arrives at your destination as fast as possible.

Discover the convenience of Quicargo now and also …

… reduce your ecological footprint.

… enjoy instant and transparent rates.

… save time and order within 60 seconds.

About the company

Industry: Paper
Function: Print & Media
ca. 140
Diemen, Netherlands


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