Quicargo statement Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update 30-03-2020

A message to our shippers: please check before placing an order that the delivery address is open. It will prevent our carriers from showing up at closed locations!

Thank you for your understanding!

Update 16-03-2020

Dear visitor / customer, at Quicargo we are constantly monitoring the situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

At this moment we do not foresee any significant complications with respect to road transport in the Netherlands and other countries we serve, although it might be that some (especially international) shipments are subject to small delays. At all times, we will inform our customers about the actual status of all shipments.

It is important to understand that Quicargo does not rely on a limited number of transport companies. One of the advantages of Quicargo is that our digital freight network of more than 300 partner carriers is always ready to help out should the situation require so.

Hence, you are more than welcome to continue placing shipments on our online platform. We will, as usual, do everything in our power to successfully pick-up and deliver your freight in a timely manner.

Additionally, our working procedure within Quicargo adhere to the latest government and health regulations. Our head office in Amsterdam has strategic plans in place to ensure the continuity of our operations at all times.

The safety of our employees continues to be one of the highest priorities. We recognize that the situation remains fluid. That is why we are continuously monitoring and sharing official news to keep everyone involved with Quicargo up to date.