Efficient transportation powered by technology and smart logistics

At any moment, there are millions of trucks driving around. More than 50% of the trucks are empty or partially empty.

This is a huge waste of fuel, labor, air pollution and traffic jams.

Quicargo transforms the empty loading capacity into opportunities and money.

How does Quicargo work?

Example of how a carrier uses Quicargo

Frank is a trucker and drives for his company to Germany from the Netherlands. His truck is fully loaded.

However, once he delivers the cargo at his destination, he must drive all the way back to Amsterdam. His truck will be empty. A waste of CO2, and money!

Filling up empty space

Fortunately for his company, Frank is an active member and registered freight haulier for Quicargo. He checks the online portal and sees a request for a shipment from Germany to Utrecht.

Frank was going that way anyway,, so he accepts the shipment and drives back with a full truckload. Great!

Less pollution, more money

In other words: thanks to Frank’s efficient driving, there will be one less truck on the road. Additionally, he helps his company generate extra revenue, and the environment with less CO2 emission!

The story of a large shipper

Patrick works as a supply chain manager for a large company. For his job, he needs to find multiple carriers to send hundreds of pallets per month.

Searching for available and professional carriers takes a lot of time, as well as planning the shipments.

He hopes he can find a more efficient solution.

Register and go!

Via the internet, Patrick finds Quicargo. His attention immediately goes to the recurring transport solution.

Patrick places many similar shipments per month, with small alterations here and there.

After registering and a phone call, he receives a quote. Patrick accepts.

One end-to-end solution

Now, Quicargo takes care of finding suitable carriers for Patrick’s shipments. A truck passes everyday the warehouse to perform daily pickups.

Whenever Patrick needs to make changes to his shipments, he simply requests them through the online platform of Quicargo.

A win-win situation

By working together, Patrick now finally has the time to perform many postponed  duties.

FYI: recurring transport has more advantages, for example the possibility for full-integration and sharp prices.

The example of small shipper

Tim works for a small company with less than 20 employees. For getting products from A to B, he incidentally needs a carrier for a pallet delivery.

To do so, Tim pays a lot of attention to the prices. He does not want to be forced into signing a long-term contract, as his shipment bookings are irregular.

Instant booking

That is why Tim uses the spot transportation option at Quicargo. On the website, he is able to instantly get a price for his shipments.

The price is as low as it can get, calculated by a bidding system. Carriers within Quicargo’s network have the possibility to make an offer to fulfill Tim’s shipment.

A happy man

Tim is very pleased with the price and books his shipment within 1 minute.

Super simple, completely transparent and amazingly cheap. After the shipment is booked, Quicargo handles all the rest. Tim can sit back and relax.

A last word

Now that you know more about how Quicargo works, we hope that you as well will embrace technology and innovation. We firmly believe our working methods are the future of logistics.

Quicargo strives to enthuse clients with the idea of efficient and sustainable transport, which will benefit not only carriers and shippers, but also our societies.

Meer leren over Quicargo?

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