What we can do for you at Quicargo

Service Short description
Pallet shipments Our core activity is shipping pallets.
LTL shipping Trucks that are running partially empty can be used to transport your goods for a competitive rate.
FTL shipping Do you need a full truckload? Quicargo helps you to find a professional carrier to take care of your freight.
Groupage shipments Even for a small amount of pallets, you can make use of the Quicargo platform. We consider groupage shipments between 1 and 5 pallets.
Drayage Drayage for us is short-distance transportation. For example from one warehouse to another in the same region.
International transport With our professional carriers, you are able to ship freight across Europe.



Patrick van den Hoogen

Patrick van den Hoogen

Quicargo is the ideal solution for us at Morestorage

With the great service of the team we successfully ship a lot of pallets on a weekly basis! Quicargo provides sharp rates and fulfills all the given requirements. We started working with Quicargo and couldn’t do without them anymore.

Jos Knulst

Jos Knulst

The online Quicargo platform is the ideal tool for our planners

Easy to use, quick handling of shipments, saving costs. Quicargo helps Doosopmaat.nl to organise her unregular shipments efficiently.