The Quicargo story

Quicargo was founded by Israeli natives Avishai Trabelsi (CEO) and Roni Liberman (CPO) in the summer of 2016.  Before founding the logistics startup, Avishai was the CEO of a family-owned transport company in Israel. They were struggling with low margins every single day, due to the increasing costs and high competition in the market. 

When I realized that 50% of trucks in the industry were running empty and the only solution to my problem couldn’t be found in the market,  I decided to quit the family business and solve the problem on a global scale.”- Avishai.

In 2016, Avishai and Roni moved to the Netherlands gathering the most knowledgeable European logistics experts around them to build the best possible solution the trucking industry desperately needs. 

Quicargo’s international team of highly driven professionals is ready to lead the revolution of the road freight industry. Ensuring efficiency while reducing CO2-emissions, congestion and economic losses.

Quicargo team

We’re an international, dedicated team that’s ready to expand into new markets and scale up. Together we bring experience in logistics, technology and business development.

  • Avishai Trabelsi

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Roni Liberman

    Co-founder & CPO

  • Tiago Antonio Jacobi


  • Sam Houwen


Advisory board

Our advisory board is made up of European logistics experts bringing years of experience and a wide European network to the table.

  • Dr. Walther Ploos van Amstel

    VU Universiteit, Amsterdam Logistic Expert & Lector

  • Peter Sierat

    Transport for Netherland (TLN) Former CEO

  • Willem J. Prinsen

    TNT Former MD Germany & Benelux

  • Wolfgang Lehmacher

    World Economic Forum, former head of supply chain & transport

Join our team!

Quicargo is changing the way trucks, shippers and carriers operate. If you’re interested in helping us change the face of transport, join our team!


The Press

  • Het Financieele Dagblad

    Kleine vervoerders en bedrijven zonder logistiek systeem kunnen via de website van Quicargo ritten boeken of aanbieden.

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  • Business Insider

    Veel vrachtwagens rijden halfleeg door het land; dat is zonde en kost natuurlijk veel geld. Dit platform zorgt voor een optimalisatie van de bezettingsgraad van de wagens. Dat is super voor de winstgevendheid voor de transportbedrijven.

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  • De Telegraaf

    Tot nu heeft Quicargo tot 120.000 km aan lege vrachtwagenruimte op de weg bespaard en op die manier de CO2-uitstoot binnen hun gebruikersnetwerk met 3% verlaagd.

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Awards & Nominations

  • Lean & Green

    Lean & Green Personal Mobility Award

  • EVC Finalist

    EVC Finalist

  • Frost & Sullivan

    Quicargo was selected top three “digital freight platforms” in Europe, with the highest growth potential in the coming years.