What is Quicargo?

A real-time transport platform. Identifying unused empty space from different carriers. Our smart technology matches real-time shipment requests with directly available carriers. Benefit from cost-cutting prices!

What kind of goods can I ship using Quicargo?

We support palletized general cargo like plastics, packaging, textile, fashion and dry foods. We do not currently support ADR or products which need conditioned transport or deliver parcels.

How do you ensure the quality of your carriers?

The carrier needs to have Euro V trucks or better, Code95 in place, working under AVC or CMR conditions and have drivers which can communicate in the local language.

Is Quicargo only suitable for last-minute deliveries?

You can use the platform for all shipments: same day delivery (register before 11.00), overnight shipments and future shipments. From 1 pallet to FTL.

Who can use Quicargo?

Any business which needs transport, such as freight forwarders, production facilities, wholesalers, retailers, fulfillment companies and carriers.