Delve into how Oegema uses Quicargo to reduce empty kilometers

3.000 successful deliveries
> 100 shippers helped with transport

98% average success rate

About Oegema

The roots of Oegema go all the way back to 1919.

Even though they have now grown to be one of largest companies in their region – and that they are active on an international scale, the Oegema has always maintained a typical Easter-Dutch mentality within their company culture.

The transportation company thrives on challenges in which they have to look for the best available logistic solution per client. Their motto is simple: “YOU=WE”. Oegema is very service-oriented, which clearly shows in their 98% succes rate for pallet deliveries with Quicargo. 

Why Oegema regularly uses Quicargo

Empty kilometers

Oegema has a diversified vehicle fleet. Busses, box trucks, (silo) trailers, LHV combinations… Everything needed for all kinds of road freight shipments!

A large fleet does – however, not mean that you can attract the necessary orders to use it at full capacity. Similar to other transport companies, Oegema is always looking for smart solutions to reduce empty capacity.

“The margins in transportation are small. That is why it is crucial to limit the amount of empty kilometers.”

Roel van Slooten
Account Manager, Oegema

Transportation coverage expansion

By accepting shipments via Quicargo, Oegema is able to expand the transportation area in which they operate.

Quicargo has shippers in nearly every area where Oegema is active. Hence, Oegema is able to smoothly include shipments from the digital platform into their logistic plans.

The increased pick-up density of clients in specific regions helps Oegema to lower their costs, which helps to fight the low margins in the transportation & logistics industry.

Excellent communication

Coordination is a pivotal aspect in transportation & logistics. Oegema, therefore, greatly values professional communication.

A partnership where there is always a designated contact person ready to solve any issues or queries that arise helps in this matter. Oegema appreciates that they are always able to reach the right people in time, which contributes to a high satisfaction rate of clients.


Oegema is a family-run transportation company with roots going back to 1919.

Function: transport, warehousing and forwarding

Home port: Dedemsvaart, Overijssel – the Netherlands

Partner since: March, 2017

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